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Probate bonds, term life insurance, permanent insurance, surety bonds and bail bonds are fast and easy with Weisband Capital Management. We deliver Surety Bond quotes for your employee dishonesty bonds, probate bonds, executor bonds and performance payment bonds. We have a wide selection of insurance products and financial solutions for business and personal use.

Do you have a small business that is struggling to make a profit? Let Weisband Capital consulting services show you what it takes to maintain profitability and operational excellence. Our years of experience gives you the expertise to survive in todays extraordinary business climate.

Customers that need performance payment bonds rely on us to provide them with fast service and high bond amounts up to $400,000/$800,000  aggregate with automatic approval.  


Contractor Bonds

Effective immediately, we are increasing FAST-Track Program Limits to $400,000 single and $800,000 aggregate!  Start applying today! 

Our ever-popular FAST-Track Program continues to meet your needs and has now expanded limits for larger Performance and Payment Bonds! 

We offer one of the broadest small contract appetites in the market and our streamlined underwriting makes for quick and easy submissions which mean those last minute bond approvals are just a few easy clicks away.  Simply complete our 1 page FAST-Track Application using bONdLINE® to receive instant prequalifications of new contract accounts up to $400,000, or get faster response times for your everyday FAST-Track submissions through bONdLINE®.  We make it easy for you to “wow” your smaller contractors with outstanding service!

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Life Insurance is the most cost effective way to protect and preserve your Family and your assets. Get a TERM quote and let us do the work for you. Most of our insurance customers are referred to us by other customers.

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Performance Payment Bonds Protect General Contractors From Sub-Contractors. Many Contracts Require the Installation of a Performance Payment Bond.

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Imagine getting market type returns without the risk of market loss. That is what indexed annuities can provide...peace of mind. Keep your assets safe from loss and never run out of money...Let us show your how it works.

Doesn't cost a thing to look! 

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Business consulting is where Weisband Capital Management got their start. Our unique consultation shows you exactly how much your business in making or LOSING on a daily basis.

We can help you 100%...Guaranteed.

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Weisband is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of personal service.

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